Registration to the 'Standards in Digital Twins of the Ocean' webinar



Welcome to the registration page for the 'Standards in Digital Twins of the Ocean'

The webinar will take place on 10 May from 15:00 to 16:30 CET

This event is organised by The Iliad Digital Twin of the Ocean as part of a series of webinars.

The webinar will discuss the background and development of standards, and how they relate to Digital Twins of the Ocean. It will include how a standard can be applied.


Welcome and introduction - Bente Lilja Bye, BLB 
Standards for Digital Twin Development - Sigmund Kluckner  (IEEE) 
Spatial web with IEEE/SWF - George Percivall (IEEE P2874) 
Working on standards with Iliad and EDITO Digital Twins of the Ocean - Arne Berre (SINTEF) 
NASA Digital Twins Project - Thomas Huang (JPL) 
Putting standards into action - Piotr Zaborowski (OGC) 
Standardization in oil spill modelling: examples Georgios Sylaios (DUTH) and Katerina Spanoudaki (FORTH))