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Webinar - Wednesday 2 December 2020 16:00-17:00


Space opportunities for Climate Challenges:

Space for Biodiversity

Open Campus Webinar: Space Opportunities for Climate Challenges - Biodiversity

Global climate challenges offer great opportunities for space. In the "Open Campus" Webinar series Eurisy and dotSPACE invite you to join the discussion with experts in this field to explore opportunities for your organisation to get involved!

In this monthly webinar series, Eurisy and dotSPACE bring together research, government and industry experts to talk about innovative solutions and funding opportunities. This highly multidisciplinary initiative also provides an open networking and knowledge sharing platform where space & non-space peers can exchange ideas, discover opportunities and meet people to help improve their activities (business, decision-making, legal, research, education, etc.).

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about the latest innovative ideas from leading research institutions and universities in Europe;
  • Scout for funding opportunities and open calls from European and national entities;
  • Find partners for joint innovation, collaboration and consortium forming.

Share your ideas in a one-minute pitch!

In addition to our experts, the Open Campus platform offers your organisation an opportunity to share your expertise! Tick the 'Pitch' box in the form to register for your one-minute pitch slot, where you can present your ideas or solutions to the audience!

Webinar programme

The first webinar on 2 December 2020 will address the topic of Biodiversity, and more specifically Plant Health, for which we have an exciting range of speakers. You can find the full programme here.

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